Local History Project Engages Students in Media Production

In Spring 2018, Fairbanks-based media production instructor, Ira Hardy, traveled to Eagle to work with the school’s principal/teacher, Kristy Robbins. Ira taught media production to four students via a pilot Multimedia Storyboarding Class. With the help of colleague Jayme Dittmar, a photojournalism writer with experience in online media timeline formats, Ira worked with students to successfully produce an online interactive media timeline program titled, The Eagle History ProjectThis pilot project launched a spring 2018 A-CHILL MEDIA Pilot Project: Digital Storytelling/Media Blog Technique lesson as part of the Alaska Culture & Dog Mushing Class in three more schools that school year. 

For the 2018-19 School Year, A-CHILL is excited to offer the Local History Project course at the middle and high school levels. See the Course Catalog for details.