Info for Teachers

A-CHILL Courses for 2019-2020 School Year

In addition to our set of courses offered last year, we've added a new Local History Project course - review the complete A-CHILL Course Catalog to check it out!

Also see our month-by-month overview of AK Cultures & Dog Mushing lessons.

How AGSD teachers can access courses in Canvas:

Remember that we also have supporting educational kits, materials and books from our A-CHILL Resource Lending Center free to use and easy to request.

These courses are for middle and high school students that all teachers and correspondence programs in YKSD and AGSD have access to. These are blended learning courses that incorporate academics with dog kennel visits and local culture experts.  Please share this with your teachers, and if you are interested in offering these courses to students in your school, the grant will fund the dog kennel visits, student travel, classroom supplies, cultural supplies, dog training supplies, etc.

We have 19 schools between our two school districts and there are opportunities at all of these sites to be involved!  

See the two videos about the course offerings below. If you are interested in offering these courses please let us know, so we can assist in getting you curriculum access and connected to a local dog musher.