In-School Teacher Reporting Form

For use by participating Teachers in Alaska Gateway SD and Yukon Koyukuk SD to report on related A-CHILL activities - specifically In-Kennel Classes.

Musher Teacher Reporting Form

For reporting Dog Musher Teacher dates/times and comments related A-CHILL activities.

Kennel-Related Materials Request Form

For use by Kathy Turco to request materials and equipment. Each request must be approved by LeAnn Young. Once approved, Kathy is responsible for delivery to applicable location and submitting purchase receipts to AGSD.

Volunteer Involvement Form

To be used, primarily by Kathy Turco, to collect routine (eg, weekly) information about related A-CHILL activities happening in community and school sites - especially Volunteer/Community involvement at one of the local Kennels or in school.

Community Volunteer Sign-In Sheet (PDF)

To be printed and used for having any community volunteers (adults or students) sign-in each day they volunteer any of their time helping at the local kennel or related activities (as possible) that are OUTSIDE of formal school-related activities. Use sheet(s) to routinely report numbers to Kathy Turco or an assistant.